Sunday, January 18, 2009

A bad week, good weekend

So this last week didn't go over so well. Tuesday was our appointment everything went really well, but sometimes I wish that he would talk to us more. I wish he would tell us whats going on, what I need to do better etc. Anyway, later that night we are woken up at 11:30 to our neighbors down stairs playing a video game that literally shook our walls. Patrick went down pounded on the door and rang the doorbell. Their game was so loud they didn't hear either of his attempts. We had to call the cops, again. This is the second time that we have had to call the cops on them because of they play their music so loud. Well I'm not sure if the cops came this time but they didn't stop playing until 2 am. I was awake the whole time! I have to get up for work about 5ish, so that left me 3 hours of sleep. Well the next day at work, I was extremely exhausted to the point that I had to go home and sleep. Then Thursday night I was flossing my teeth and a filling fell out it. So I knew that I would have to see the dentist. So the next morning I was brushing my teeth and I started spitting out a lot of blood! I was in a lot of pain! So I went into work just because the dentist offices don't ever open until 8. I found a dentist that was open and made an appointment for 9. I left and I went to the dentist and I had to have two cavities filled, the one that fell out and another one that was close to it. Then the bad news comes, I have to have two more cavities filled. And I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out. So I am going to have the other two cavities filled on February 10th. I will have my wisdom teeth taken out after the William is born. So that was my week. The weekend was much better. That day I decided to cash in on my birthday present, prenatal massage. It was absolutely amazing! So relaxing and just perfect. Then on Saturday me at Patrick register at Babies R Us, and went out to dinner and a movie. Registering was a lot of fun! It took a lot longer than I thought it would we were there for 2 and a half hours! Our registry number is 48086426. Take a look at it if you would like. We are going to register at at least one more place, possibly two, Target and Baby Depot (Burlington Coat Factory). We have yet to decide. For our date, we went out to eat (Mayan Express) and and saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The movie was very funny! Any way the week was bad not just for me, a lot of my friends haven't had the best week as well. I want all my friends that read this just to know today starts a new week and to treat it as such. We all have our moments, and to quote Lord of the Rings "What matters is what we do with the time that is given to us."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Doctors appointment and so much more...

We had a Doctors appointment on Tuesday, it went great. Every thing is growing at a normal rate. Liam is healthy, I am healthy its like I'm winning the LOTTO! I have noticed a lot of things since I have been pregnant. Although my body is burning twice as many calories just sitting, getting healthy really isn't that hard. Its the determination and willingness to change that's hard. Becoming pregnant has been our catalyst to start a healthier life for me, Patrick and Liam. We have been really strict about what we eat and how we work out. Since portioning our food, and working out on a regular schedule Patrick has lost 7lbs! Now, its not really fair since I can't loose any weight, but I haven't really gained any weight since I have been pregnant. And my pregnancy book says that the normal weight gain for this point is 10-15lbs. So essentially I have lost on average 12lbs, but not really because I haven't lost any weight its just gone towards Liam. :D I feel 10 times healthier and happier. Another thing we have been working on is going out to eat. We only allow ourselves to go out to eat once a week. Seeing as we used to go out to eat twice a day. . . Our finances have doubled LOL, not really they just don't deplete as fast. :D Another thing is Tithing, now that we have encorperated ourselves and now we are determined to watch our money we want to be better at paying Tithing. Very important! As a Christmas present our company gave us their program. Its called the MMA (Money Merge Account). This program is a debt reduction program that cost $3500, that our Company (United First Financial) gave to us as a Christmas bonus! We are using it to pay off all of our debt and it told us that we could be debt free in 2.6 years! Quite amazing! Anyway, I think I have rambled enough! Hope you all have a great day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Belly Picture!!!

So I have been camera shy since I have been pregnant... Mostly because I felt like a cow every time I looked in the mirror. But I have been feeling pretty good and I thought that I would finally take a belly picture. Any way here it is ;D I am starting to get pretty big, although I know I will just be getting bigger. I am currently 23 Weeks pregnant which roughly translates to 6 months! I can't believe its gone by this fast. It only feels like yesterday when I couldn't wait until I at 10 weeks pregnant to go the Doctors... I have been so blessed with my health! I was dreading being pregnant thinking it was going to be the most horrible experience of my life. But it has be so wonderful. I have a very supportive husband that rubs my feet almost every night and wakes up with me when my calf gets a cramps up. He also just pushes through my cranky times... because oh they happen. I just want to publicly thank him for all that he is doing to help me and our new family to be!

Something else that happened, we traded in our Dodge Charger. Shocking, I know but we got two cars that we are going to pay of in the same amount of time as the Charger. But with a combined lower monthly payment. I will be posting pictures of our new cars soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Latest info on Liam

We had an ultrasound appointment today and it went fantastic!!! Liam is a healthy baby! He is growing at the right pace. Right now he is currently breach, that means that his head is pointing upward. The wrong way. ;D Oh well, what are ya going to do. Here he is. I have a feeling the quality wont get any better as the pregnancy progresses, but he is still cute!

Face: Note his mouth is open
PS. He had the hiccups this morning... how cute!

Monday, January 5, 2009

25 Things I learned in 2008

25 Things I learned in 2008
In no particular order

1. Anniversaries don't always play out the way you planned them
2. Family is more important than anything else (Not that I didn't know this, but I know it more than ever)
3. The little things matter
4. Claiming chores doesn't work
5. Working together, works
6. Laundry needs to be done every day
7. Planning dinners is harder than it seems
8. Cats should be declawed
9. Cuddling makes the world go 'round
10. Bad things happen to good people
11. Girls Day out are just as therapeutic and a date with my husband
12. I have the most supportive husband ever!
13. A day stuck inside is worth it when family is close, and Dog Whisperer is having a marathon
14. A mile a day is good for the heart
15. Harry Potter Series is just as good the 3rd time around
16. A child's laughter is addictive
17. Birth Control isn't always guaranteed
18. Going on a date once a weeks is really hard
19. The phrase easier said than done should be my motto
20. Vacations are well worth the trip
21. Knowing that your brother is growing spiritually is a fantastic feeling
22. I can bowl! ...on the Wii at least
23. First Trimesters are tough
24. I am never going die my hair black again
25. Looking at my son for the first time (on an ultrasound) is liberating

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

What a month!!! I don't even know what to start with. I guess we will start with Christmas.

Before we left for Washington I was telling everyone at work that it never snows in Washington, well since I had been living there anyway. It snowed every day we were there! Hahaha, it was fun though. The boys (Patrick, Dad and Blakey-poo) made an 8 foot snow man!!!! Just beautiful!

We got a lot of things we wanted for Christmas.
Patrick got: a Drill (he has been wanting one for a long time) two sweaters, a pair of pants, iTunes gift card, David Beckham Cologne and a partridge in a pear tree.

Katie got: a Hair dryer (my old one blew up) a hair straightener, and The Tales of Beetle the Bard, a bunch of Maternity clothes (I disparately needed, thanks Dad!) a Visa Gift card (even though I told Mom not to get me anything else). For my Birthday I got a new Maternity outfit and a $25 gift card to Kholes!!

Liam: got his first Teddy Bear from Grandpa Kyle, a couple of onesies, a very soft blue blanket (courtesy of Aunt Cami)

We saw a bunch of movies (4 Christmases, 007, Valkurie, Marley and Me) and we also went out to Claim Jumper for my birthday. They gave us a free piece of cake because Dad's food came out cold. LOL, that cake was monstrous. But very good.

I will admit that it stopped snowing on Sunday, the day that we left. That was a very good thing just because we did have to make our flight and they had been closing the airport because of the weather.

Our flight was good and we made it safely. Barry picked us up and we headed over to Patrick's Parents house to celebrate Christmas with them.

Patrick/Katie got: Wii!!!!! And other accessories for the Wii, Oceans 13 and 5 golden rings. For my Birthday this year I asked for cash, I wanted it to go towards a stroller.

Liam: Got some amazingly adorable outfits that I can't even begin to describe their cuteness, he got some sleepers one has a Moose and the other has a jungle theme, (TOO CUTE!) he also got a Fisher Price Nativity Set and Little Drummer Boy set, a huge plush dice and a Blue Tiger.

Then on the 31st it was my Birthday, Patrick got me Roses and a gift card to a spa to get some prenatal pampering ;D We stayed up until Midnight playing games and chatting. Then today we bought a stroller!!!!