Friday, July 22, 2011

Swimming! And an update.

We went to the pool today! Well we go almost everyday but I finally took the camera! :D Liam is a real fish! He loves to swim! Here he is with his best friend Ethan!

Liam is talking pretty well now. He tries scentences most of the time he fills in the words he doesn't know with blabber ( and its so cute ) He is obsessed with trains! We got him a train set for his birthday and he has to sleep with with Blue Cho and his Red Choo Choo. The Blue Cho is Thomas, one that we got him when we went up to Heber one day. The Red one came with the set. He loves to run around the table and play. Liam also know's most of the basic colors (ie. red, blue, yellow, green and brown) and alphabet. I just started working on numbers. He know's 2 and 3 mostly because we count when he is being naughty. :D He loves his Great Pappa. He asks for him quite a bit. Great Pappa is Grandpa Smith. He loves to go on bike rides and go in Pappa Blue Car, but not when its hot inside the car. And Great Grandma and Grandpa don't mind watching him. Liam is such a joy to have around he is usually in a good mood (hey he is 2 after all) and loves learning new words.

I had a doctors appointment today. I am still slightly anemic, but its not enough to put me on iron supplements. (wheww... I hate taking pills. I barely remember to take my pre-natal). At my previous appointment I had an ultrasound. I would up load and image but I can't make anything out in those dang things, so there is no point. The clocked my amniotic fluid at 11 (not sure on the measurement unit). They said that that was on the low end of the mid-range. (if that makes any sense). My birth with Liam was pretty traumatic because my previous doctor didn't watch my fluid and they let me get down to 1.75 (again not sure on the measurement unit). Normally they would admit some one if they got to a 7. So, I was quite adamant about having them watch the fluid level this time. So starting in two weeks I will get ultra sounds every week, until she is born. Just so they can watch it and make sure it doesn't get to low again. So maybe one week I will get a good ultra sound where you can actually see something. Although the tech that I had said that she could see her chubby cheeks and her hair. I thought that was pretty cool! So she already has hair :D