Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food for thought.....

I have a couple little anecdotes that I had learned these past weeks:

--Cats do not like bagpipe music

--When you see Movie Stars pregnant and they say "Oh its easy".... They lie....

--6:00 O'clock in the morning is early no matter how much sleep you get

--Waking up ever hour to pee isn't conducive to a 6am-3pm shift

--It doesn't take a structured diet to loose weight (just ask Patrick!)

--Praying for patients helps (especially when your company just released a product that sorta works)

--My mom is a fantastic photographer!!!

--Writing a letter to an unborn child is really really really hard!

So, that's about it. We have had a couple stressful weeks with the new launch but we are getting through it. We were making a list of music for a mix for a future road trip (that wont happen for some time) and Patrick had some Bagpipe music mixed with Rock. Well Maddox was not a big fan and was freaked out by it. It was kinda cute actually. Patrick has lost 15lbs so far on our non-structured diet. The key.... you ready... eat less... It works I swear! This last weekend my Mom went to a Photography Convention and she got the Grand Prize for just being herself!!! Congrats!!! I got the chance to write a letter to Liam. It was really hard, but the end result is a heart-filled letter that I hope that he will enjoy reading some day.

I also had a doctors appointment, everything is good. Liam is a very healthy baby. He weighs about 5.5lbs and around 19 inches. He also kicks like David Beckham. He likes to take his elbow, knee or foot and hold it in my side. So I get to play with it and push it back. That's what I do most of the day at work just play with whatever he kicks out. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

An update.

Well, we have had a couple strange weeks. I have been sick... for what feels like a life time. Then Patrick got sick. But worse then me, his turned into an ear infection which resulted in a hospital visit at 10:00 pm. Then Patrick got better, now I'm sick again!. Man, we need a break.

Anyway, we had our latest doctors appointment. Everything is great. Liam is fantastic! I had my Glucose Test, I do not have Gestational Diabetes. Which is nice because I have a feeling that he is going to be a big baby just on his own. I am not anemic, YAAY! That was another thing I was worried about. I wouldn't want to be any more tired than I already am. His position is neither Breech or Head Down. He is sideways for the time being, silly boy. He has learned where my ribs are, so that's nice... The cats have found my belly to be quite comfortable place to sit, although Liam isn't a big fan when they sit on me.

I had my first baby shower! This is shower was a work shower. Both me and my boss, Jenn are due 1 day apart. I am due on May 14th she is due May 15th. She is having a girl and I am having a boy! Crazy crazy! Liam got a boat load of clothes, diapers, toys, blankets and little trinkets. A lot of really really cute stuff! Thank you to every one!

I also had my Maternity Session. My mom's friend Tina Miera is a photograper here in SLC. She took amazing pictures!!! You can see them on my facebook or myspace. She made me look thin with a 4lbs baby inside me ;D Its all about the lighting my friends!

So, I have 9 more weeks until my due date. Both me and Patrick have a count down in our cubicles! He is supposed to gain a half a pound every week! A "on time" delivery is between weeks 38-41. I am currently 31 weeks. WAHOO!! So close! My doctor says that he wont let me go over 41 weeks so thats a very comforting! We can tour the hospital whenever we would like we just need to make an appointment. I will let ya'll know when we do that!