Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I'm starting to feel the baby move!!! Its quite amazing! I'll tell ya though its the weirdest feeling. I feels like a twitch or a very very very very soft punch to the gut! :D It kinda startles me. I'm not used to having somthing move inside me. Sometimes I will be working and it will kick and I will jump LOL. As of so far we have 15 days to go until we get an ultrasound, and get to find out the gender! And the week of Christmas I will be 20 weeks along, thats the half way mark for a pregnancy. It will be weird to think that is half over.

Also, December is probably the craziest month for our little family. Gloria's Birthday the 4th. We have our ultrasound on the 11th. Ainsleigh's Birthday the 12th. We leave for Washington on the 18th. Then we have Christmas (25th o'course). Then my Birthday on the 31st. Crazy crazy! Its gonna be fun! I am very excited that we get to go home to Washington for Christmas. We are almost spending two weeks there! Good stuff!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello Again

Yesterday I had my second doctors appointment. Everything went fantastic! First we did all the blood pressure and weight. My blood pressure was great and I had lost 2 lbs since my last doctors appointment. Then we went into the room and he came in and measured my belly. He said my measurements look good. Then he pulled out the Doppler thing to listen to the heart beat. He had a really hard time finding it. But there were these weird popping sounds. He said "Oh that's the baby kicking. " I started laughing. He finally found the heart beat on the left side of my belly. But he immediately lost it. He said well the baby is moving a lot its making it more difficult to find the heart beat. He kept looking and found it again closer to my belly button, but lost it again. As he was searching for the 3rd time the baby kicked and the Doppler turned off. It kinda reminded me of when you speak into a microphone and if a noise gets to loud it shuts off to prevent any damage to the receptors. It was like that. He turned it back on and kept trying to find the heart beat. The baby finally rested on my right side and we got to record the heart beat. It was awesome! Let me know if you want me to send it to any of you!

My next appointment is on December 11th. This is when we are going to get an Ultrasound and also get to find out the gender! I have a count down going in my cubical at work. Currently 27 days away. I will be 18 weeks along when we do the Ultrasound. YAAY! I will finally get a picture of my baby! I will definatly be posting it!