Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What else will life bring?

Liam has learned to love the Murray Pool! Mostly because of this huge slide! :D Liam had so much fun at the pool! I am super excited for summer when we can go to the Pool at our condo.

There is something else that is new in our family is that I am pregnant. I'm due in September. I'm not exactly sure on the date. I have an ultrasound appointment today at 3 So we will find out when I am due exactly. We are really excited to have a new addition to our family. Liam is a little young to understand that he will be a big brother soon. But we try to get him used to being soft around me. He is a major kicker and he can't kick my tummy any more so now we have him kiss "the baby belly" Its pretty cute :D So if everything goes right at the ultrasound I will have a picture of our new addition by tonight.