Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Liam's Recovery

Liam's recovery has been rather remarkable so far. His doctors and nurses are astounded by his scar healing, his food intake (although its not quite up to what it was before we came in) and his mood. He is a pretty happy boy still. I took this video just a little while ago, and by the way he hasn't had pain medication since 2:00 pm. He is kicking, wiggling, waving his arms and just talking away. He even manages to pull of his chest monitors from time to time.

We have had some great nurses I have been very pleased with how we have been treated. I hope that they treat every patient and patient's family the way that they have treated us. I feel as though I am the only one in the hospital and Liam is the only child that they have to look after. Its a great feeling.

One of the nurses gave us a mirror to put in his crib. He has found that his is quite a handsome little boy! He just keeps staring at himself and talking to himself. Its rather cute!! It makes me so happy that he is happy, he is the joy of my life and its hard to see him hurt. But he is doing so much better and is going to get even better. Any way enjoy the video and thank you to every one who has been keeping up with him.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liam's Surgery

Liam is doing good. He is still in a lot of pain but he is doing well. Last night he tried to eat about 3 ounces but spit it all up. This morning when the doctors came into his room they looked at his incision and they were astounded at how well it looked. So his bandages were removed at about 9. The liquids in his system are draining perfectly and he does have some awake time which is good because of how heavily medicated he is. So all in all he is doing good.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Liam Talking

So here is Liam talking with me. Liam is now rolling over and its funny, he laughs when he gets on his belly. When I turned the camera on to catch him rolling, he fell asleep. Cute...

Liam's surgery is scheduled for 6:30 am on Monday morning. He will be in surgery for 4-5 hours then he will be in hospital for about 5 days. On Sunday we have to go into the hospital to get his blood work done. Also on Sunday Patrick has a family reunion, those are usually a lot of fun so it will be good to take my mind off his surgery for a bit.

Enjoy the video!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This little video is adorable. Liam loves to be held and bounced on our exercise ball. We discovered if you say the word "Bouncy" it makes him giggle. By the time I got the camera his laughs weren't as big but its still adorable.

For any one that reads our blog I am going to ask a favor. This Sunday, if you would like to fast for Liam for a good surgery and quick recovery. That would be fantastic, thank you! Enjoy the video.